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"In late 1992, during a routine eye exam, I was diagnosed with glaucoma. By the time this diagnosis was made, I already had damage to about 80% of the nerve in my right eye, and about 50% in my left. I started going to Dr. Weintraub in April of 1993, and, thanks to his aggressive treatment, there has been no further nerve damage, and more importantly, no vision loss. Through three laser surgeries and numerous GDX and field of vision exams, and various prescriptions of eye drops, he has stabilized my pressures at a low and manageable level."
"The care and concern for his patients became abundantly clear last summer when I dropped into his office without an appointment because of a reaction I was having to one of the eye drops. Although the office was closed, he was there catching up on some paperwork; he dropped what he was doing to see me. No matter how busy, he takes the time to discuss your situation and the treatment."
The blend of professionalism and friendliness he exhibits is carried on by every member of his office. I recommend Dr. Weintraub to anyone seeking eye care."
"Dr. Weintraub has been caring for my family's eyesight for more than 25 years. We simply would not go to anyone else."
"Dr. Weintraub's integrity and his ability to provide excellent medical care have truly earned my confidence. The combination of his warm, caring personality, his intense focus on even the tiniest of details, and his exceptional diagnostic skills go beyond any physician I have known. For more than 15 years Dr. Weintraub has handled everything from the routine to the more serious ophthalmology issues for my family. He is thorough, understanding, and communicates well."
"I spent my professional career making sure that Medicare patients receive the best care possible-–so, I know good medical care—and that is one reason why Dr. Weintraub is our choice to protect our family's eyesight."
"Dr. Weintraub gives us a reassuring combination of the best medical care and a doctor who takes his time, listens, and takes his patient's concerns seriously."
"We have been going to Dr. Weintraub for many years and find him a superb and caring clinician. He is intelligent, thorough, careful, and professional while also being warm and thoughtful in every sense of the word (intellectually and interpersonally). He takes his time with examinations, checking for disease as well as to be sure he has determined the best prescription for each patient. He explains everything he does, why he is doing it, and what the results mean. His demeanor carries over to the staff at the front desk, who are highly competent, efficient, and friendly. We see quite a few doctors, and this practice--and Dr. Weintraub in particular--stands out as one of the best."